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Disqus 404 page
Sunday, January 8th 2017 8:07am
Tags: html, 404, disqus
sub-zero synth
Monday, January 2nd 2017 10:19am
Tags: eurorack synth synthesizer noise sound audio

I made some textures with a synthesizer in sub-zero temperatures. Pretty fun, even with just a small number of starter modules...

amazing spam
Friday, December 9th 2016 11:07pm
Tags: spam, email

Seems legit...



this gif
Thursday, November 17th 2016 10:06pm
Tags: gif coil johnbalance
Trek horror
Friday, September 30th 2016 11:18pm
Tags: trek, startrek, horror

I had forgotten just how dark and horrifying this show could be at times...

Building a bicycle...
Saturday, June 25th 2016 12:14am
Tags: bike, bicycles, building

So my lovely 40+ year old Raleigh Record finally gave up and died a couple weeks ago.  :(


The fork developed a crack and probably caused the bend in the down tube.  Pretty unfixable.  FAREWELL to my first commuter in Portland...that $90 investment served me well over the last decade or so.

And now comes the time to figure out a new ride.  With the help of a friend, I've decided to do a custom build.


It's quite far from done...but what strikes me most is just how much this process feels exactly like the first time I built a computer from components!  Spending hours flipping thru parts guides, reading reviews, comparing specs, comparing vendor prices, trying to squeeze everything into some unrealistic/imaginary budget, stressing about forgetting some critical minutiae, discovering what parts are compatible with other parts (or not)...dreaming about what the finished thing will look like and fantasizing about how it may perform...

The process is so similar...and surprisingly rewarding.

I have lots to learn about the build itself, and it's exciting to be out of my element (and a little scary).

What's not to love about lath and plaster wall work?  Cut a simple hole and get all kinds of surprises...